Sunday, 14 August 2011


Like I said on Twitter:

I was so happy when Spamalot was started because I could leave SimsCave and just have fun.
Now, Spamalot is filled with drama instead. Bye-Bye, CC-creating.
Love all of you guys, thanks so much for downloading all my stuff.

Something happened today at Spamalot,
and I think it's just pointless bullshit.

I don't have the energy for bullshit.
I hear enough of bullshit IRL to listen to it online.

The drama at Spamalot isn't the only reason I'm quiting.

I was really depressed this spring, and things are only better now because I don't have school and don't need to deal with it.

But school starts next week.

I have to focus on school, grades, and to make some change in my life that will make me feel better about myself.
I have no wish to use my free time to feel annoyed.

Janira, I don't blame you for anything.
I understand that it's hard with Spamalot, and thanks for everything.
I'll miss you as much as I'll miss the other spammers.

Bye- bye, everyone who reads this.
I hope I'll have time and energy to start updating this blog with CC again sometime in the future.

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