Sunday, 5 June 2011

Future updates

It's finally summer!!!!! I'm so exited for this summer break! :D

I've sent a mail to the EA support staff, and I've gotten an answer.
I have to reinstall my game.

With all my CC, expansions, files etc. it's gonna take an entire day.

I won't have time until the summer holidays start. (17/6)

But I'm going to be away from home from 20/6 - 10/7,
so I won't have time to reinstall the game until the 11/7.

That means no updates for a long time, unfortunely.
My legacy will be updated again on 15/7.
(I know, it's a long time away.)

I'm going to go away on a ''languge travel''.
It means that you travel to another country
(UK or US) to learn and practice english.
You have lessons with other people in your age from other european countries,
and you have alot of other fun activites.
(4D cinema, Travel to London etc.)

I'm going to Torquay (UK) and I'm really exited!


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