About Me

My name is Lovisa. I’m a 14 year old Swedish girl.
I’ve played The Sims since before TS2.
Me and my sister joined the forum SimsCave in 2009.
I started this blog the 27th February 2010 and
I uploaded my first CC in May.
I was *cough* banned for *cough* ''spam'' in April.
Thanks a lot, Ferris.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter, because I know an awesome
Italian badger named Janira who created a new forum,
it's named Spamalot.
You should visit unless you’re Ferris.
If you’re Ferris, visit anyway.
We’d like it.

If anyone wants to know what the fuck happened with KB,
she plays WoW. A lot. My fault. Sry.
The fastest way to get a msg to her is through me.

About my CC:

I won’t upload Twilight CC unless there’s a movie premiere / DVD release,
and you’re allowed to hate me when I do.

If I ''accidently'' include a mesh in a Neon hair,
people still would've gotten it someplace else even if I didn't share it.

And the paysites wouldn't have gotten more or less money if I didn't.

You can contact me at SPAMALOT, Tweet me or send an email to a96lovisa@hotmail.com

PS: I accept requests.

I started my story blog the 11th february 2011.
I only have a legacy this far,but I have ideas...