Sunday, 14 August 2011


Like I said on Twitter:

I was so happy when Spamalot was started because I could leave SimsCave and just have fun.
Now, Spamalot is filled with drama instead. Bye-Bye, CC-creating.
Love all of you guys, thanks so much for downloading all my stuff.

Something happened today at Spamalot,
and I think it's just pointless bullshit.

I don't have the energy for bullshit.
I hear enough of bullshit IRL to listen to it online.

The drama at Spamalot isn't the only reason I'm quiting.

I was really depressed this spring, and things are only better now because I don't have school and don't need to deal with it.

But school starts next week.

I have to focus on school, grades, and to make some change in my life that will make me feel better about myself.
I have no wish to use my free time to feel annoyed.

Janira, I don't blame you for anything.
I understand that it's hard with Spamalot, and thanks for everything.
I'll miss you as much as I'll miss the other spammers.

Bye- bye, everyone who reads this.
I hope I'll have time and energy to start updating this blog with CC again sometime in the future.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Future updates

It's finally summer!!!!! I'm so exited for this summer break! :D

I've sent a mail to the EA support staff, and I've gotten an answer.
I have to reinstall my game.

With all my CC, expansions, files etc. it's gonna take an entire day.

I won't have time until the summer holidays start. (17/6)

But I'm going to be away from home from 20/6 - 10/7,
so I won't have time to reinstall the game until the 11/7.

That means no updates for a long time, unfortunely.
My legacy will be updated again on 15/7.
(I know, it's a long time away.)

I'm going to go away on a ''languge travel''.
It means that you travel to another country
(UK or US) to learn and practice english.
You have lessons with other people in your age from other european countries,
and you have alot of other fun activites.
(4D cinema, Travel to London etc.)

I'm going to Torquay (UK) and I'm really exited!


Thursday, 2 June 2011


Don't mind me EA. I've only been paying for your 10.000 expansion packs for like my entire life. It's not like I deserve working ones when I pay - ALOT - for them.

I got Generations today. Installed it the right way.

Now, when I try to start the game, I says the CD isn't in the computer.

Had the same problem with a TS2 expansion pack and I couldn't play the game untill the next expansion was released and I didn't need the CD anymore.

There better be a fucking way to solve this...

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Real or Not real?

Not a hair, CC, or anything downloadable...
I'm just going to show all of you what I'm working on right now.


I'm making Katniss, Peeta and Gale in TS3.
The casting for the movie is great,
but I don't want to forget how the book characters look in my head.

(They all got replaced by the actors in Twilight,
and I won't let it happen with THG).

I'm done with Katniss, and I'm working on Gale and Peeta.
I'll upload them when everyone are finished.
I'm thinking about creating other characters, but I'm not sure yet.

I'll use different pics when I upload, this is just to show Katniss.


There may be some small changes in the sim, but nothing huge.
I'll also add a version of her in capitol styling.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Important msg!

I have to take a break from TS3. Right now, (Spring term in 8th grade) is officialy one of times when you have the most work to do in swedish school. It's why I haven't updated/posted at Spamalot for a while. I have easter break right now, (It started yesterday) but I'll need all of it to do schoolwork I haven't done yet. (Shame on me!) I won't upload untill I feel like playing sims again (and I really don't right now) and have my school work under control. Good news are that the worst part in school is over and I won't have as much school work as I've had before after easter.

PS: Just because IT'S AWESOME!!!

(Lady GaGa's newest single and future hit)