Monday, 14 February 2011

I ♥ ME shirt (Happy Valentine's day!)

I don't like Valentine's day. At all.
It's only a stupid reminder of the fact that you're single.
But I found this print in my pictures folder, so I had to make it :P

For Teen - Adult

I just noticed the text isn't very readable in this size,
it says I ♥ ME and YOU SHOULD TOO


PS: The next Neonhair is Oxygen by NewSea ;)

PS2: The first chapter of my legacy has been uploaded on my story blog!
I'd love if you read it and voted... *hint*

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Flora 30 Neon'd

Yes, it's up! I've had alot of problems, + I went to Paris,
but I got a completly new internet connection today
and it works perfect! Not even WoW lags.
Plus it's 20 times faster than my last one ;)

And now... without lag... FLORA HAIR 30 NEON'D!

Recolor channels by me
Textures by Anubis360
Mesh by Flora

You will need one of the original versions by Flora or Anubis.