Saturday, 19 March 2011

NewSea Oxygen Neon'd

I'm sorry for waiting so long to share it...
I've been busy because of school.

Recolor channels by me
Textures + Mesh by New$ea

You will need the original version by New$ea.

Yeah, I know it's a pay hair.
I won't share it because I don't want to be murdered by T$R.
You'll have to get it somewhere else.

I'm not sharing the hair, but I've added a link to a website who does.


Mura said...

That's a nice choice of hair to neonify. Thanks!

Jenlicious said...

Thanks! Can you post it sims3pack too? 'cause those package files slows down my game.

TwilightLover said...

Unfortunely not.
I only upload my hairs in package.

Kittycattylion said...

so I was wondering.. will this replace Newsea's original version?

TwilightLover said...

No it won't. You'll have both versions in your game.