Thursday, 22 April 2010


Ok... I'm banned from Sims Cave.
Because of spam. It's really sad,
because I had a huge & funny update with the monster family coming up.
And I was going to upload them to my blog.
And I had some new sims that I was going to show.

I wont update my blog again until I have a forum where I can write about it.

But this can be good, because I'll have time to create many sims so that I can add huge updates when I'm back.



luciee said...

spam ]:
cant wait to see the new sims when you get back ! >_<

mm38 said...

I hope you are back posting soon.

TwilightLover said...

We're starting a new forum,
som I don't think that it will take to long untill I post again.

JennaBray's Sims said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JennaBray's Sims said...

Damn!!! That sucks. I know a few people were getting banned. But why is simscave being so damn anal? Anyways I hope you can begin posting soon.